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X0809 was initiated by Notep, also known as a experienced singer/songwriter who has gained popularity by attending a singing competition in Thailand, and Anya Muangkote, a talented multi-disciplinary designer and artist. 

Their latest work, X, an EP that is packed with sensuous vocals, catchy beats, and liberating thoughts, with lyrics that pokes fun at heartbreaks and other life experiences, giving women alike a different perspective. 

This past year X0809 has had the chance to attend major music festivals throughout Asia such as Clockenflap in Hong Kong and Solar Budokan in Japan, and has gained attention from their sassy and off-the-edge music videos that has piled up 1M views on Facebook alone.

Now X0809 is becoming an introspect to whom Notep is, away from the bright spotlight of her pop life, pursuing her crave to combine good design, art, fashion and technology with handcrafted electronic music. 




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by X

X0809 first debut EP ‘X’ collaborating with the talented artist and designer, Anya Muangkote.